meter high
plus pure oxygen
natural crystal clear air

The Alpenair

More oxygen, more power, more health… this is what you need! You don’t need to do anything just enjoy the ​nature’s masterwork! ​ ​

This is the crystal clear air of the Alps’ green forests. High oxygen content <90% what you can take with you to everywhere.

The breath of mountains can be there in your bag everytime.
Don’t be pleased by less, want always the best!
Quality from Europe!

100% natural, no-stimulants,
no-caffeine, no-artifical materials!

Who we are?

The exclusive manufacturers of the high quality Alpenair premium products. Our factory is in Europe in Hungary near of the Austrian border directly under the Alps.

Around us there is  no airpollution. Our town called the city of the winds because the special climate with the special air movements deliver always fresh air from the mountains.

How does it works? Our factory use the fresh air of the Alps what is filtered by the green forests. We purified further this pure air and we subtract the oxygen by our special filters and compressors.

After that the high quality, first class and pure (90%) oxygen is filled into aluminium cans. Our products are available on different sizes, with different caps and masks and with many kind of natural flavour!


Have you ever heard it about us?

“Our goal is always the best! We always take out from our hands only premium quality products. Did you know that the canned AlpenAir is the clearest air of the world? Not just because of it’s high, more than 90% oxygen content but also because of the using of a special nano technology which takes the cans with the inside air 100% bacteria-free​!”