Restore your body’s diminished oxygen levels after hours on a packed flight.
Reduce the feeling of jet lag and fatigue to get you feeling fresh and alert again.

Reduce exposure to air pollution and lingering smog, especially on days with high pollution warnings. Regain your sensibilities when factory smog and other air pollutants become too much.
Combat drowsiness and fatigue during the polluted days.

Skip the caffeine and instead reach for oxygen to give your brain the extra supportment it needs to reach peak performance without the side-effects. Students can stay focused while studying and improve performance in exams. Clear your mind before important presentations, business pitches and exams so you can achieve your full potential.

Canned oxygen helps you overcome. Long days. Late nights. Early Mornings. Stress. Breathe in while on a night out to help you keep going until the early hours. Recover from the symptoms of alcohol consumption and dehydration the morning after.

Discover a natural alternative as a way to feel awake. Increase stamina and help muscles quickly recover from post workout fatigue. Feel energised with breaths before, during or after an intense workout. Breath in the strength you need when weightlifting and build more muscle. Inhale when lactic acid starts building up to take your workout to the next level. Take during breaks during teamsports.

Competitive Sports. High altitude sports. Conditioning Training. Aerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise. Weightlifting. Mental performance.
Fatigue. Anxiety. Pollution. Jet lag. Altitude problems. During sports at altitude you can inhale oxygen before, during and after to help your body keep at normal oxygen levels. Combat the effects of altitude such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Regain the same mental and physical performance as sea-level.


Have you ever heard it about us?

“Our goal is always the best! We always take out from our hands only premium quality products. Did you know that the canned AlpenAir is the clearest air of the world? Not just because of it’s high, more than 90% oxygen content but also because of the using of a special nano technology which takes the cans with the inside air 100% bacteria-free​!”